Striving to ensure the highest quality of our products, we have stayed open for new challenges. We have been constantly improving and extending our product line, investing in new textile technologies.

Precision in our produtcs design, moisture drive-off, airflow, perfect matching to the silhouette or exceptional flexibility - those are characteristics that made Customers notice and appreciate our garments. We are deeply convinced, that our products will come to the needs of even most demanding customers.
Feel free to know the properties of our products:

Bamboo Bamboo

Bamboo fibre acquired thanks to the use of patented technology, is a kind of fabricated cellulose fibre extracted from the bamboo pulp. Tests have shown that bamboo fibre is extremely resilient, durable and at the same time unusually soft and thin. Bamboo textiles are environment friendly and breathable. They contain cotton’s properties and the delicacy of silk. 

Cotton Cotton

All along, cotton no doubt makes the most popular known natural fabric. I guess no other fabric is so close to us, as cotton coming out straight from that puffy, white “fruit”, which in reality is a cotton bush. Cotton cultivation needs a moisture and hot climate. Cotton fabric pays a very important role in the textile industry due to its durability, elasticity, good paint absorption and easy cleaning.  But most of all, we appreciate cotton for its softness, delicate touch and the ability to absorb moisture. Cotton used to fabricate our garments comes from the eco cultivation and it does not contain any chemicals, pesticides or any other chemical fertilizers. All substances used during the production process are ecofriendly and easily biodegradable. 

Eco Eco
Products made from the eco-friendly fabrics bear no sign of pesticide use. They are collected by hand ensuring cleanness and delicacy. Hypo-allergenic, properties make it perfect for allergy sufferers. The allergy-free material helps in keeping a perfect skin-balance. Ideal softness and durability stand for additional gains. 
Smoothness Smoothness
Fabric remarkably light, what ensures high comfort of use. By guaranteeing the proper air flow, it protects your body from the harmful external factors. Easy to maintain, dries fast.  It’s known for high elasticity and fabric density.  All used fabrics combine extraordinary softness with special moisture control properties helping to keep the skin dry. 
Medical Medical
Medical Line was created to meet the needs of diabetics and people with circulatory disorders, but not only. If prevention is what you need and care of, Medical Line is also for you. Based on the newest technologies a product has been designed that lends bactericidal, anti-mould and anti-mite properties. It prevents the growth and multiplication of odour-causing bacteria, without affecting the natural skin flora. Medical Line products stop bacteria’s growth ensuring exceptional hygienic properties.
Natural Natural
Natural and safe. Products made from the eco-friendly fabrics bear no sign of pesticide use. They are collected by hand ensuring cleanness and delicacy. Hypo-allergenic, properties make it perfect for allergy sufferers. The allergy-free material helps in keeping a perfect skin-balance. Ideal softness and durability stand for additional gains. 
Breathability Breathability
Breathability is the ability of a fabric to allow moisture vapor to be transmitted through the material. Breathable fabric helps to keep the bacteriostatic balance of your skin, especially during performing psychical exercises. Due to the protective properties of fibers, fabric ensures high comfort and air flow preventing the development of unpleasant smell. 
The specially-engineered fibers in our fabrics transport perspiration away from the body to the surface of the garment, where it can evaporate quickly. 
Push-up Push-up
Push-up bras use underwires or boning to lift the wearer’s bust and enhance the appearance of her cleavage. Some push-up bras are also padded, sometimes using pouches of water for a more realistic shape. Push-up bras vary in structure, shape, and degree of decoration. There is no one right bra; sometimes the choice is purely a matter of personal preference, while in other cases a woman’s outfit dictates the type of bra she should wear.
Silver Ions Silver Ions
Silver ions found in fabric provide protection against odor, staining and deterioration causing bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms and is a permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier. High-performance silver-coated fabric that naturally and permanently inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi in our socks. Because silver is also the most conductive element, it also naturally regulates temperature. Silver ion technology is safe and natural and will last for the life of the product, even after many washes. Silver ion’s fabric is delicate for the skin, therefore it is a perfect choice for people with allergy symptoms. 
Moisture absorption Moisture absorption

Most of our products are made from cotton fabric. Cotton is a soft, natural fiber that absorbs moisture. Cotton provides softness, shock absorption, moisture absorption, breathability and temperature control. Our products will ensure you the highest comfort at any time. 

Wool Wool

In addition to comfort, wool is nature’s technical fiber. Wool is the most hydrophilic (moisture attracting) of all natural fibers, absorbing as much as 30% of its weight without feeling wet. Wool felted and treated with lanolin is water resistant, air permeable, and slightly antibacterial, so it resists the buildup of odor. Besides being a natural wicking fiber, wool doesn’t attract dirt because it is an anti-static fiber. Wool socks retain their soft feel, wash after wash. Wool is considered by the medical profession to be hypoallergenic.

Durability Durability

Thanks to the use of very durable fabrics, our products do not stretch or distort even after many washes. A form-fitting structural fabric with specially designed knit constructed in a technique that holds its shape through all types of conditions and activities. Fabrics are extremely resistant to any tearing and ripping, what keeps the product untouched, even after long use. 

Flat seam Flat seam

Flat seam is characterized by its durability and is most commonly used in lingerie and garment industry for products that require multiple washes. In flat seam two pieces of fabric are joined edge-to edge with no overlap and sewn with hand or machine stitching that encloses the raw edges creating a comfortable, flat seam. Thanks to the use of the newest technologies  and new fibers, flat seam products ensure remarkable comfort. Products with flat seam are particularly recommended for people with circulatory system problems. 

Non-slip Non-slip

Made for all ages, non-slip socks are those socks that have a grip added to their bottom portion. The grip is usually made of a rubber substance, which is either slightly tacky to the touch or a bit rough to further ensure those wearing them will not slip. Special ABS layer ensures comfort and safety, also possess great anti-slip properties. The no-skid tread of a non-slip sock improves traction. This type of sock reduces the chance of injury when navigating slippery walk areas.

Modal Modal
Cotton modal is fabric made from blending modal with cotton. Modal is a cellulose fibre made by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees. It is about 50% more water-absorbent than cotton, very soft and popular for clothing and even household textiles like upholstery, bedding and towels. Modal takes dye like cotton but doe not hold colour when washed in warm water. Modal Cotton is a fiber that has a sensual feel and it remains soft even after repeated washing for years. Its great properties include no shrinkage or fading from washes.
Elasticity Elasticity

The elasticity of our products makes them truly fit the shape of your body, without causing any compression or irritation. Using a combination of natural and synthetic fibers such as lycra, elastin or micro modal increases the elastic properties of the fabric. Our garment is a perfect choice for people at any age. 

Non-binding stretch Non-binding stretch

This elegant, non-binding stretch is designed to keep socks from slipping simultaneously preventing any irritation to the feet. It has a “no feel” flat, smooth seam. Extra non-binding stretch results in a more comfortable, better fitting sock without irritation at the ankle.

Laser cut Laser cut
Laser cut stands for a modern textile treatment method, with similar measurements parameters as classic mechanic cutting. 
Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser, by computer, at the material to be cut. The material then is blown away by a jet of gas, leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish. Laser cutting has opened yet another window for lingerie industry. Seamless underwear leaves no trace of material under the clothes as it has no sewing lines.